Benefits of Internal Linking Blog Posts

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Why To Interlink Your Blog Posts?

Internal Linking plays a very vital role in the development of your blog or website. Now days bloggers are keen to write as many articles in their blogs to increase traffic and improve page rank.But the most important thing that they leave is internal linking.Internal Linking is beneficial to you in many ways.The some benefits are as follows:

1. Attract Readers :

Yes,it can attract your readers.Your reader might be interested in your article and have read the whole article  and if you have interlink some posts related to that then the reader will try to increase their knowledge and will move to next article by clicking on the link.As for blogger the first thing that comes to me is that you must satisfy your reader.If you satisfy him then he/she will help in making your blog popular by telling about it to others.

2. SEO (Seach Engine Optimization) :

People just think that external linking via guest posts and commenting can help in achieve a good rank.But it is a half truth Google now days scans the blog or website to search for internal links too.These links help Google to find your data and index them.This is considered an effective way to make your blog achieve a good rank in any search engine.

3. Increases Page Views :

Yes,it is good way to make your visitor busy and it helps in increasing page views.This will benefit the bloggers who use CPM (cost per mile impressions) based advertising networks as the page views will increase and your earning will also rise by linking new posts with older posts.

How To Do Interlinking ?

Between Posts :

This is the best way consider by popular bloggers.In this you just need to make a keyword in your article and connect it to another article based on that keyword.It can be said that a word(keyword) that is linking to another article based on that keyword.

Related Posts Widget :

You can use the widget for internal linking.This will show articles related to that post to the visitors.

How To Implement The Above Methods In Meticulous Way?

1. Try to make a schedule of this work.Just give it 10-15 minutes daily it will work like a charm.It will first somehow look timid but later you will get in rhythm to do this work of interlinking.

2.If your site has a lot of content that is not interlinked then you can start it by linking the popular posts with other posts so that traffic will move in good way and page views of your site will increase and each post will be able to gain popularity among the visitors.

If you perform the above tasks like a hobby then you will not find it difficult and we are your well wisher and good luck for your blog.


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